Mark Wahlberg outright refused to reshoot “All the Money in the World” unless he got *millions*

This should be a story with a happy ending. After Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct, he was pulled from his latest (and maybe last!) film All the Money in the World. Director Ridley Scott raced to insert a new, award-winning actor into the role, and the version of the film we see now stars Christopher Plummer as J. Paul Getty. Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, who co-star in All the Money in the World, were brought back for last minute reshoots and, honestly, everything went off without a hitch…until we learned that Wahlberg was paid upwards of a million dollars for the reshoots, while Williams got roughly $80 a day.

Obviously, this is absurd. This is downright insane. However, it is, unfortunately, completely legal for this to happen, even though the pay discrepancy between the two is ridiculous. According to USA Today, Williams offered to do the reshoots completely for free, as long as it meant the movie could still be released sans Spacey. Wahlberg, on the other hand, did not offer to do them for free, and instead outright refused to do the reshoots at all unless he was paid a stupid amount of money for about 10 days of work.

The reason Wahlberg received so much money is also bananas. In another USA Today story, they explain that Wahlberg had “co-star approval,” which means he had the power to sign off on everyone joining him in the film — even for reshoots. Since Plummer was brought on as a replacement, he was still considered a co-star, and Wahlberg got final say. According to USA Today’s anonymous sources, Wahlberg refused to approve Plummer unless he was promised a hefty payday for his week and a half of work. On top of this, The Wrap reports that Wahlberg didn’t have reshoots in his original All the Money in the World contract, so he could negotiate for more money to come back and literally work for 10 days. 

(IDK if you’ve seen All the Money in the World, but I have, and Wahlberg’s role in it is a lot of talking to people on the phone. Not like he’s doing dangerous stunts or really any emotional heavy lifting.)

Meanwhile, Williams — who honestly gives an Oscar-worthy performance as Gail Getty — was completely willing and ready to work for free over the Thanksgiving holiday to save the movie.

Everything about this situation keeps getting worse, as it only continues to highlight just how differently men and women are treated in Hollywood. Wahlberg has yet to issue any sort of formal comment on the matter, and when he does, it better be worth every penny of those millions.