Mark Wahlberg had to miss his team’s epic Super Bowl win when his son got sick, because, that’s dad life

Mark Wahlberg fans of the world will know that the Boston-born actor is a *major* Patriots fan (like, MAJOR, guys). So we can also all appreciate just how painful it must have been for Wahlberg to leave the Super Bowl stadium early when his son wasn’t feeling well last night.

ICYMI, the Patriots won Super Bowl LI (in the first overtime in Super Bowl history), and Tom Brady became the first quarterback to ever win five Super Bowls (even if you’re not into football, you gotta admit that’s pretty legit).

But one can’t ignore parental duty when it comes calling (no matter how much you love your team), and, in true dad form, Wahlberg put family first.

"Trust me, I would have loved to be at the stadium — but family first. Doesn't mean I don't love my Patriots too!" he wrote.

They say being a parent means sacrifice, and this is kind of a perfect (and painful) example. Here’s a photo he shared before the big game started:

It also looks like he wasn’t too broken up about missing the historic win. Because he definitely had the energy to call his buddy Ludacris (who’s apparently an Atlanta fan) to rub it in:

At any rate, we hope Wahlberg’s son is feeling better (and that his father doesn’t hold this over his head for the rest of his natural-born life). The little guy looks like he’s trying to stay enthused, despite not feeling great.

Congratulations on the big win, Patriots fans! And Falcon people — there’s always next year…

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