Still fangirling over Mark Ruffalo’s look at Comic Con

New York Comic Con took place this past weekend, with thousands flocking to the city to fan out and freak out over their favorite movies, TV shows, novels, and comics. It’s also a great time to cosplay as your favorite character and dress up, just because. And you know, costumes aren’t just reserved for fans. Avengers can wear costumes, too.  At least, that’s what you do when you’re Mark Ruffalo and want to walk the convention floor incognito. You’ve gotta wear a costume.

Ruffalo, aka Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk took his family to NYCC on Sunday. He knew he couldn’t simply walk the floor without being stopped by fans ever .5 seconds. In order to go completely undetected, Ruffalo pulled on what kinda looks like a really creepy Groucho Marx mask over his head, complete with a fake cigarette. Anyone see Ruffalo now? Nope. That’s how he took his son, Keen, around the floor.

For the most part, he went completely unnoticed. Actually, Ruffalo went totally unnoticed until he started posting pictures of himself in the mask to Instagram. That’s when fans realized they walked right by the Hulk, and didn’t even realize it. I think that’s worse than completely missing an Avenger all together. Knowing you were mere inches from him in a big crowd, and didn’t even stop to talk about Iron Man and stuff.

Ruffalo wasn’t the only one who dressed up to walk the floor this year. Jared Leto also (and no one paid any attention to him) and Daniel Radcliffe dressed up as Spider-Man.

So what have we learned from this? Anyone could be hiding under that costume. Best to stop and take pictures with everyone, just in case.

Images via Instagram and Marvel/Disney