Mark Ruffalo — aka The Hulk — is very nicely asking for more Black Widow options for his kids

With Avengers: Age of Ultron opening Friday, we’re now in the middle of peak Avengers merchandise. If you’ve visited any toy retailer over the last few weeks, you’ve more than likely seen a ton of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor action figures, toys, costumes and masks lining the shelves. While we can never get enough of these guys, one Avenger is noticeably absent: Black Widow. What gives, Marvel?

One Avenger has also noticed this trend, and has now politely asked Marvel for some Black Widow merchandise. Bruce Banner himself, aka the Hulk, aka all-around great guy Mark Ruffalo, took to Twitter to ask for some Natasha Romanoff paraphernalia for his daughter and nieces. He even says please! And now we echo that question. Pleeeaaaase Marvel?

This is sadly not the first time a female superhero has been left off of merchandise. Last summer, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora couldn’t be found on any merchandise anywhere. Huge bummer. MAJOR bummer. And now Black Widow is facing the same fate. What about the girls out there who want to represent their favorite female buttkickers? Ultron even has three different females we want to see more of — there’s Black Widow, but also the returning S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill, and new foe Scarlett Witch. Merchandise for all of them, please.

It’s not an outlandish request for more female representation across the board. Ruffalo, himself, has two daughters—Bella and Odette. We already know 10-year old Bella is awesome because she accompanied her dad to the MTV Movie awards, and they wore matching suits. We can only assume that Odette is just as cool, even though she’s only 8. How amazing do you think playtime at the Ruffalo house would be with the real-life Hulk and his two daughters as matching Black Widows? Come on Marvel, release some Black Widow stuff. Don’t make this guy angry.

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