The Internet reunited Mark Ruffalo with his phone and wallet during the blizzard

One second, you’re Mark Ruffalo just trying to enjoy the insane Blizzard of 2016, and the next second you’re Mark Ruffalo just trying to find the wallet and cell phone you lost in the snow during the Blizzard of 2016. This is unfortunately what happened to our Bruce Banner and current Oscar nominee.

Yesterday, somewhere in the snow, Ruffalo happened to lose his personal belongings. And if you’ve ever lost your wallet and cellphone before, you KNOW this is cause for emergency (if simply because no one ever wants to call and cancel their credit cards — no one). Fearing the worst, Ruffalo took to Twitter to ask for help, because maybe, someone else out in the snow, had found his things.

Ruffalo tweeted out this SOS 3:17 p.m. At 3:35 p.m., 18 minutes later, he tweeted again that someone had already located his things, because the Internet works in strange and mysterious ways.

Super shout out to adorable little Amenaide and Catherine, who Ruffalo announced had reunited him with his things. The group then posed for a picture, and I’m JUST SAYIN’ maybe these girls should get cameos in the next Avengers movie, JUST SAYIN’.

So job well done kids, and Twitter, and the Internet. But no thanks to you, Blizzard Jonas. Ruffalo is going to think twice about where he secures his belongings next time he goes out to frolic in the snow.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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