Mark Ruffalo accidentally live-streamed some of “Thor,” because even the Hulk makes mistakes

Last night at the Thor: Ragnarok premierein Los Angeles, Mark Ruffalo used Instagram live for the very first time…and in the process, accidentally live-streamed a portion of his new film.

With the help of his daughters, Bella and Odette, who accompanied the long-time MCU actor and his wife Sunrise Coigney to the event, Ruffalo decided to give fans an inside look at the premiere — only he forgot to press end as the main event started, putting the still-streaming phone into his pocket.

That’s right, Mark Ruffalo did the 21st Century equivalent of a butt-dial, and honestly — sorry Marvel — it’s kind of adorable.

Ruffalo, who reprises his role as Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, in the film, had enthusiastically been live on Instagram for the first time earlier in the evening, with Bella and Odette explaining various aspects of Instagram live as they drove to the red carpet event. Adorbs. He later streamed from the red carpet and inside the theatre during the premiere’s introduction, showing off the audience as he took the stage with Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Tessa Thompson, and the rest of the cast, after having been introduced by a pre-recorded Jeff Goldblum in character as Grandmaster.

As the cast took their seats, Ruffalo probably thought he ended the stream, but instead, according to The Hollywood Reporter, roughly roughly 2,500 tuned in to listen to the audio from Thor: Ragnarok, which was “clearly audible.” It was also reported that the stream ended around 8:15 but it’s unclear whether Ruffalo ended the stream himself or if the stream simply timed out.

Naturally Twitter was very, charmed by the experience:



Okay Marvel, we know you might be a little bit mad about the potential leak, but it appears no spoilers were making their way around the internet — yet. PLUS, according to THR, viewers of the livestream could hear Ruffalo and the rest of the premiere audience laughing so now we all know for sure, how funny the film is! So yay for that silver lining!

However, THR reported that in order to prevent leaks and potential piracy, premiere attendees were asked to turn off cell phones and even leave them in special security pouches during the screening, a policy that maybe, just maybe, the policy should extend towards the actors as well.

Check out Thor: Ragnarok for yourself when it hits theaters on November 2nd.