MTV Movie Awards red carpet win: Mark Ruffalo and his daughter in rad matching suits!

Everyone looked killer on the red carpet at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. Tons of stars were being their bad selves and expressing their style in bold and beautiful ways. But two folks really made our hearts swell with joy.

Last night, Mark Ruffalo took his 10-year-old middle child, Bella Noche (yep, her name in Italian means “beautiful night”), to the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. . . and the pair looked so fly in matching suits.

Dad and daughter each wore a white shirt, black tie, and tuxedo. The only difference between the dynamic duo? Ruffalo’s Converses vs. Bella’s canvas shoes. They made an awesome pair and we love a dad who supports his daughter’s choice to rock a tux. Together they took to the red carpet like two badasses and we could not get enough of them. Neither could Twitter.

The tuxes were from JCrew, according to the company’s Twitter account—and they snapped a super sweet pic of the pair:

Ruffalo and his family are based in New York, but they headed over to LA to appear onstage along his Avengers: Age Of Ultron co-stars to honor RDJ, according to The Daily Mail. And that meant the super adorbs Bella got to hang out with her dad’s friends, aka Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. NBD.

Ruffalo also took to Instagram to snap a super cute selfie of his better half.

And the award for the Best Father-Daughter Duo goes to. . .

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