Mark Hamill had no idea the Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford affair was going on, and like, come on

The Force might be strong with him, but it turns out that Mark Hamill can’t actually sense disturbances in it. Remember how last month we learned that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had a little tryst, 40 years ago on the set of Star Wars: A New Hope? And they kept it secret for 40 YEARS? Yeah, turns out it was truly a secret for literally everyone else in the Millennium Falcon — Luke Skywalker himself had no idea it was a ~thing~.

For Carrie’s latest novel (she’s actually written a lot of novels) she happened to stumble upon some decades-old journals she kept while filming the first Star Wars, and decided now was the time to bring some of this stuff to light. Namely, her affair with her co-star (and later, on-screen love interest) Harrison. It has caused a lot of ruckus in the Star Wars galaxy, but both Carrie and Harrison are are on the same page about it: It was a very long time ago, and the past is in the past.

And for Mark, he’s dealing with it now, because he honestly had no idea it was going on. Sure, you can bring balance to the Force and defeat (aka, bring back to the light side)  Darth Vader, etc. etc. etc., but sometimes it’s just hard to tell when your co-stars are having “sleepovers,” you know? According to Mark, he was “blissfully unaware” it was going on.

"I was so self-involved at that point, they could've been doing it in front of me and I wouldn't have noticed," Mark told Entertainment Tonight. "I was single and had my own agenda."

Mark’s actually glad he didn’t know about it until know, adding, “I think it might have been a distraction if I’d known what was going on.”

We get that. Can you imagine the kind of #drama that would have happened in the Death Star had everyone else found out? Doubtful the gang would have ever defeated the Sith, and that party on the Moon of Endor would have been just so. awkward. Besides, in case you hadn’t noticed, on-set romances — that continue off-screen — can be hard to handle in Hollywood. We’re just happy that years later, it appears as though OG Star Wars trio is still very close.


But hey, maybe try and pay a little bit more attention from now on, Mark, okay? Certainly he’s picked up on the subtle romance between Finn and Poe…right?

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