Mark Hamill helped a fan verify his signature in this incredibly sweet Twitter DM

Unless you met the celebrity in person, sometimes it’s a little tough to tell if your autograph is actually legit. That’s why one Star Wars fan decided to go right to the source. Mark Hamill DMed a fan on Twitter who inquired about his autograph in a specific old cast photo, and since he’s an incredible dude, Hamill responded back. And even better, he didn’t just give a one-word answer. Instead, he acted like an old friend. An old friend who happens to use emojis.

Redditor Dozzarelli decided to share the cute conversation on the Star Wars subreddit, to show other fans that Luke Skywalker was cool even off-screen.


"I sent Mark Hamill a tweet asking him to verify if a picture I bought was his autograph – didn’t expect a response. Next thing, got this (please excuse the fanboy response," the screenshot was captioned.

There’s so much we love about this. First, the fact that Hamill even took the time out to look at the photo and second, the fact that he ended his response with “xoxo.”

Later on in the post, Dozzarelli shared the photo in question.

ESB picture

Even if it’s not the real deal, it’s still pretty cool.

Since Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises ever, it’s sweet to know that Hamill manages his own account. Plus, he didn’t leave his fan hanging, after he admitted how much he adored the actor. Since we’re sure that Hamill deals with a lot of fans on a daily basis, sending that smile back means even more.

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