Mark Hamill calls Debbie Reynolds “everbody’s mom” and we’re crying again

Earlier this week, we lost not one, but two, icons: Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. It’s been a very difficult for family, friends, and fans over the last few days, and messages of love for the mother-daughter duo continue to spread across social media. Carrie’s on-screen costar (and, on-screen sibling) Mark Hamill has shared multiple messages directed at Carrie. Now, he’s shared one specifically for Debbie and our hearts hurt so much.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Mark reveals that he’s still not truly ready to talk about the loss of his friend and her mother, but right now, we’re all here to support each other in whatever way we can. After sharing an incredibly touching statement about Carrie, Mark launches into one for Debbie. As we’ve heard from others already, Carrie and Debbie were like two peas in a pod, and “they were both really mothering types, both opinionated and determined”

"Carrie’s mom was like everybody’s mom," Mark explains to EW. "If you were in her house, Debbie was your mother. She gave you advice, and fixed your collar, and said, ‘Why did you wear a brown belt with black shoes?’"

We’d be willing to donate so much money for charity to know jus how many times Debbie fixed Mark’s collar over the years

“In many ways, Debbie was the optimist. She has a spring in her step and is really upbeat and has all the qualities you associate with her, and Carrie would be shuffling around in a bathrobe and slippers muttering under her breath. So cynical! It was a real Felix-and-Oscar disparity between their personalities, and yet in many, many ways they were alike. She was fiercely protective of her mother and her mother’s legacy.

Though we’ve lost both of these powerhouses this past week, Mark’s last statement rings out the loudest right now: Carrie protected her mother’s legacy, and now we’re tasked with protecting both their legacies. We can do it.