Mark Hamill just shared a long note about Carrie Fisher, and you need all the tissues in the world to read it

As the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing began to spread across social media, her on-screen costar (and on-screen brother) Mark Hamill shared one simple tweet with the world. It simply said, “devastated,” along with the two of them in their iconic Luke and Leia getup. The message was short and heartfelt, and it hit us right in the feels. We were certainly devastated to learn of Carrie’s passing, and now imagine Mark — the two have been friends, in our galaxy and the Star Wars one, for 40 years.

If this tweet is enough to get your water works flowing, get ready for what’s coming next. There might not be enough tissues in the world to stop all the tears that are about to flow. Mark has now taken to Facebook to share an even longer message about the passing of his dear friend, and we’re probably never going to recover from this.

Mark’s post reads:

It's never easy to lose such a vital, irreplaceable member of the family, but this is downright heartbreaking. Carrie was one-of-a-kind who belonged to us all- whether she liked it or not. She was OUR Princess, damn it, & the actress who played her blurred into one gorgeous, fiercely independent & ferociously funny, take-charge woman who took our collective breath away. Determined & tough, but with a vulnerability that made you root for her & want her to succeed & be happy. She played such a crucial role in my professional & personal life, & both would have been far emptier without her. I am grateful for the laughter, the wisdom, the kindness & even the bratty, self-indulgent crap my beloved space-twin gave me through the years. Thanks Carrie. I love you, mh


All of this is just too sad, and Mark’s words ring so perfect and true right now. She WAS our princess in the best way — a young woman who happened to be royalty, but also happened to be ridiculously kickass in the best way possible. It’s clear that Carrie had a profound effect on Mark (and vice versa). While we’re forever sad about the loss of Carrie, we’re even sadder for Mark to lose his dear friend.

Sending him and everyone else in the Star Wars family so much love right now.

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