Mark Hamill explains he loved Carrie Fisher like a sister, and here we are crying again

Since her sudden passing from a heart attack last week, Carrie Fisher’s friends and fans alike have been in mourning. While many of those closest to her have publicly released statements about her passing, none have had as much to say as Fisher’s Star Wars co-star and on-screen brother, Mark Hamill.

Fisher and Hamill were largely unknown actors when they were cast as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa in the monumentally successful Star Wars franchise. The duo, who played twins in the franchise, had a long and incredible friendship at the time of Fisher’s passing. In addition to posting statements on Facebook, Hamill recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly in a moving tribute to Fisher.


Hamill recalled meeting Fisher and immediately being taken with her honestly and willing to share every detail, even the embarrassing ones, about her life.

When I met Carrie, I was amazed at how, within 20 minutes, we felt like we had known each other for years," Mark explained. "Some of the things she told me that first night were brutal assessments of her father and stepfather. You think, 'Should she be telling me this?' Carrie didn’t just take you into her confidence, she bulldozed you into her confidence.

For anyone who has seen or read Wishful Drinking, her ability to share her life with others seems very familiar.


Hamill also spoke about how his relationship with Fisher changed over the years, as they stopped sharing Star Wars scenes together and how they always kept in touch, even when their contact was more sporadic. Hamill also shared the excitement he felt reuniting with his on-screen sister for The Force Awakens and how much Fisher was like a real sister to him.

“I loved her guts and she drove me crazy. We really were like a brother and sister.

The moving tribute can be found at Entertainment Weekly and we encourage you to read with a tissue!

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