11 times Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing were the sweetest BFFs ever

Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but even huge TV stars need a BFF. What’s really fun is when that BFF also happens to be a huge TV star and we can all bask in their friendship and love. That’s how we feel looking at photos of Debra Messing and Mariska Hargitay, two awesome TV stars in their own rights, who are also total BFFs. They hang out together, they go to events together, and they even vacation together. We’ve put together our top 11 favorite moments when these two were the sweetest BFFs ever.

1. When they classed it up at the tennis courts together.

2. When they took a girls’ vacay together.

3. When they watched the legendary Barbara Streisand together, because girl power.

4. When they rode this cute roller coaster together.

5. And then the rode the Little Mermaid ride together!

6. When they face-planted on Mariska’s new Hollywood star together.

7. When their selfie-taking form was totally on point on the red carpet.

8. When they had a blast shopping together in bold patterns.

9. When they appeared together on Law and Order: SVU, because the closest BFFs even hang out at work.

10. When they tried to vogue, but giggled instead.

11. And finally, when they took the most perfect no-makeup selfie, because they’re natural beauties.

These ladies are so fabulous, and they’re giving us total #friendshipgoals. BRB, going to hug our BFF!

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