Marisa Tomei wants to see more of Aunt May in future “Spider-Man” films — especially after *that* ending

This post contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming so if you haven’t seen it yet, web-shoot on over to a theater near you!

It’s safe to say Spider-Man: Homecoming takes Aunt May where no previous film has gone before: Younger, hotter, and *finally* with a little more to do. In previous iterations of Spider-Man, Aunt May spends most of her little time on screen mourning the death of her husband, Ben, and worrying about Peter. While, in Homeoming, May’s screen time revolves around Peter, it’s less aimless worrying and more parenting a fifteen-year-old who is seriously in over his head.

The end of Homecoming breaks tradition as well, as a careless Peter is parading around his room in his Spider-Man costume WITH THE DOOR OPEN. If that’s not a recipe for disaster, we’re not sure what is.

And because she’s *not* totally clueless, it’s safe to assume that Aunt May now knows that her nephew is Spider-Man.

HelloGiggles recently sat down with Marisa Tomei to talk Spider-Man: Homecoming and where she hopes to see Aunt May in the next few films. The My Cousin Vinny and Wrestler actress told us that she loves that Peter’s Spider-Man secret was revealed earl, because there’s now so much more to unpack — she’s hoping it could mean more screen time for May.

"I think the great thing is [that] the playing field's wide open now," Tomei said. "Once you open that can of worms and dispel that credo, that she can't know, then what will happen? How does their relationship change? Does she become more frightened for him? Is she absolutely overwhelmed and can't wrap her head around it? Is she thrilled that he does so many great things? Does she still want him to do errands for her? Can she still force him to eat his vegetables? Also, he's growing up so maybe as he grows up and becomes his own man, she has to let go of rules for him anyway. How will all of that play out? I don't know."


As we learn during the movie, Aunt May is *not* a huge fan of Tony Stark, and she makes that clear to Peter. Tomei told us that she’d love a scene with Downey in a future film, where she gets to lay into Tony about what he’s been letting her nephew do around NYC (and the world).

"I'd like to see her have a conversation with Tony Stark about what's been going on," Tomei said. "Also, I'd like to see her have more...of her influence [on Peter], too. How she takes care of the community and how he gets values from that. I'd like to see her just be goofy and funny too."

We think Marisa Tomei might be our favorite Aunt May, and we can’t wait to see more of her in future Spider-Man films!

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