Marion Cotillard opens up about what it was really like to shoot love scenes with Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, the two-time winner of People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” has taken part in some pretty heated love scenes throughout his career. And – thankfully – there’s still more Pitt love to go around. His latest steamy on-screen interaction is with French goddess, Marion Cotillard in their new movie Allied. And we’re freaking out because Cotillard spilled everything about her love scene with Pitt.

Okay, calm down though. Don’t get giddy quite yet. Unfortunately, Cotillard’s tell-all does not include the juicy details we were all hoping for. The actress spoke candidly at a press conference while attending the New York premiere of Alliedand said shooting their sex scenes was – well – awkward.


“It’s an awkward situation,” Cotillard said. “We laughed because … this is so weird … And then we go into this, and then I’m going on top of you, and then we are going to kiss.”

The actress appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday and talked further about her experiences shooting sex scenes. Colbert, wanting to “sell tickets,” asked if the process is ever erotic or “is it all just a bother?”

“Let’s imagine you’re with your wife, in bed or anywhere – like here,” Cotillard motioned to Colbert’s desk. The audience laughed. She continued, “And then all those people are watching – cameras and like 50 people are watching. Do you still find it sexy?”

“But it’s a beautiful love scene,” Cotillard added before moving on to talk about her pregnancy. And honestly, the whole film looks beautiful. Check out the trailer:

So maybe on-screen sex scenes aren’t the most comfortable thing to take part in – even with our dream man, Brad Pitt. But like, Colbert said, they definitely get “asses in seats.”

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