Today in awwww — Marion Cotillard says she always cries at the end of “Step Brothers”

We have to admit that a happy ending always makes us feel a bit sappy. But what we did not expect to hear was that Oscar winner Marion Cotillard always cries at the end of Step Brothers! No judgement coming from this corner because we all have an unexpected flick that makes us cry.


During an interview with W Magazine, Cotillard confessed that the ending of Step Brothers, where Will Ferrell sings Andrea Bocelli’s classic “Con Te Partiro,”  always reduces her to tears. Now that we watch the scene over again Will Ferrell singing is absolutely beautiful, but John C. Reilly in the background makes us cry tears of laughter. If you have not seen the infamous scene we don’t want to ruin it for you, you just have to experience this comedic gold for yourself!


“It might sound weird, but I always cry at the end of Step Brothers. I’ve seen the movie 10 times, and it still touches me at the end, when Will Ferrell sings. You don’t expect to cry watching that type of comedy, but I always do,” Marion told W Magazine.

Although we don’t find ourselves crying, we definitely agree with Cotillard that this movie is a classic! Also we can’t forget that the movie gave us the beloved Catalina Wine Mixer.