OMG! Mario Lopez just dropped in to visit a “Saved By The Bell”-themed diner!

Mario Lopez took a trip down memory lane today by visiting a Saved By The Bell themed restaurant in Chicago called, you guessed it, Saved By The Max.

“I have to check out this little Saved By the Bell pop-up,” the Extra TV host said.

He then proceeded to take his followers through a tour of the diner.

He was particularly tickled by his namesake burgers (the AC Sliders) and cocktail (the Albert Clifford):

We agree, the menu is hilarious:

The restaurant features all the classic Saved By The Bell tropes, including a wall of quotes, the Bayside Tigers logo, themed menu, and a replica of A.C. Slater’s locker. (In case you forgot, Mario Lopez played A.C. Slater.)

That wall is classic:

“Go Tigers!”

We bet he made the staff’s day

Love that locker.


We can imagine how thrilled the diner-owners were to have a real-life Baysider drop by. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to get to the corner just in time to see the BUS FLY BY…