You can now use literal Mario Karts at Target, and dibs on Princess Peach’s!

Target gets us. They really get us. They give us the best possible shopping experiences, super cute clothes, and stuff to make our houses completely adorable. But now, like we need more reasons to love this store, Mario Karts at Target are an actual thing.

To celebrate the Mario Kart 8 release for the Nintendo Switch, Target has transformed some of its stores into Mario hot spots. In select stores you can race up and down the aisles in carts straight out of your favorite Mario Kart stage. How much more fun can we even have at Target?


“Experience counts—it’s what keeps guests coming in and coming back to our stores, says Scott Nygaard, the senior VP of merchandising, in a company statement. “So we’re delivering the fun like only Target can, giving generations of Mario fans a shopping trip they won’t soon forget.

Target released an announcement earlier in the week, which outlines all the fun to be had at local stores.  It starts with these fun bollards outside some stores. The bollards, which are “a short post used to divert traffic from an area or road,”  are transformed into Mario and Luigi! Can we just say, perfect Insta op?


Shoppers, start your engines. Target’s front door serves as the starting line, and this is where your Mario Kart adventure really takes off. ” As you walk through, motion sensors fire up flashing lights and play Mario’s catchy theme song,” reads the announcement.

Of course, people are already having fun with the new Mario Karts.

You could even say it’s getting…bananas.

Here’s the fun entry effects at work!

All we can say is, look out for mushrooms!