We’re more than a little obsessed with this Mario Kart/Mad Max mashup

During Mad Max, you probably thought a lot about Mario Kart, right? They’re kinda similar in the sense that they both involve car-on-car action, right? Well, OK, that might not have been the first thing to cross your mind, but now it’s going to be the only thing you think about. There’s a Mad Max and Mario Kart mashup on the Internet, so get ready to be absolutely obsessed with Mario Kart: Fury Road.

Filmmaker Kris Sundberg has taken the Mad Max trailer and sprinkled in the best bits from Mario Kart. He’s also recasts the movie for us, and we approve. Max is our new Mario. Imperator Furiosa takes on Princess Peach, and Nux plays Koopa Troopa. And who gets to be Bowser? Joe. Don’t worry, there’s also plenty of banana peels, and a stint on Rainbow Road, too.

Nintendo, please hear our prayers and make this an actual playable level. PLEASE? You can check out the whole hilarious mashup below.

I start laughing about five seconds in, as soon as those familiarly Mario Kart START YOUR ENGINE sounds start playing.

Image via here.