What is Mario Batali’s net worth? People are wondering amidst the sexual harassment allegations

On Monday morning, celebrity chef and restaurateur Mario Batali stepped down from his businesses amid accusations of sexual misconduct. Four women have come forward claiming the Food Network star groped them and made unwanted sexual advances. Batali has not denied the claims, and instead apologized for his actions.

This has led many to wonder: What is Mario Batali’s net worth? As in, what could he potentially stand to lose because of his inappropriate behavior? Here’s a look at Batali’s business empire.

Batali is arguably one of the most identifiable chefs in the world. The famed chef co-owns 26 restaurants across the globe, and has earned multiple Michelin stars during the course of his lengthy career. He’s published 13 cookbooks, and has his own line of cooking products and tools. But he’s perhaps best known for his countless appearances on the Food Network, as well as his co-hosting position on ABC’s The Chew.


So how much is Batali worth, exactly? There’s no precise number, but estimates range between $25-$30 million. In 2012, Eater estimated that Batali & Bastianich, his restaurant hospitality group co-owned by Joe Bastianich, had a net worth of roughly $250 million.

With Batali stepping away from his numerous food-based endeavors, it’s hard to say what comes next for his empire. He will not be returning to The Chew for an undisclosed period of time. His company is also investigating the claims of sexual misconduct. According to a spokesperson, Batali was officially reprimanded for inappropriate behavior in October of this year, and ordered to attend classes.

Coming forward with claims of sexual abuse and misconduct is never easy, and can be incredibly intimidating when your abuser is someone of wealth and power like Batali. We stand with Batali’s victims, and we applaud their bravery.