These Marines love “Gilmore Girls” and we totally get why

Just when we thought we were the only one’s obsessing over the Gilmore Girls revival, we came across a group of unlikely fans who shared the same emotion. Four U.S. Marines used the WB series to help them escape the reality of war, and their story just hit us in the feels!

Jesse, Luke, Erik, and John became obsessed with the show after stumbling upon a box set in 2005 while stationed in in Ramadi, Iraq. They used the series as a way to bring a sense of normalcy to their violent surroundings, and that’s something that we never would’ve ever imagined.

Never judge a book by its cover. These macho Marines are just as obsessed with Gilmore Girls as we are!

"Stars Hollow was the America we all wished we were fighting for," said one of the Gilmore Girls loving Marines.

While stationed in Iraq, the gang wrote a letter to the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, expressing just how thankful they were for the franchise.

"There's no place we'd rather escape to," the Marine wrote in a letter to Sherman-Palladino. "It reminds us of home."

And for Sherman-Palladino, that very last line resonated with her the most. After receiving the letter, she tracked down the guy’s unit and sent them a special care package with Gilmore Girls embroidered apparel! And like true fans, the men made sure to sport the jackets when reuniting to watch the revival.

We totally can see how Gilmore Girls made such a huge impact on their lives. This definitely hit us in the feels!

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