One MLB team is now serving a snack they call “popcorn with eyes and legs,” and we’re not sure about this

When it comes to baseball game snacks, we’ve got a pretty eager “put me in, coach” attitude. But this MLB team’s new “popcorn with legs and eyes” treat has us stalling in the dugout.

The Seattle Mariners kicked it up a notch with their new concession stand menu this season.

It will feature fried oysters and fried grasshoppers. Nope, you didn’t accidentally click on an old recap of Fear Factor describing what contestants did for prize money, this is a snack you willingly pay for.

So, justifiably, a lot of questions come to mind, like “What do they taste like?” and “Why oh god, why?!”

To answer the first question, the Seattle Times reports that these grubs are seasoned with “chile-lime salt seasoning, and you only taste the salty, citrusy seasoning.” (No word on how much beer and tequila was consumed prior to writing this review.)

We will say this though, this shouldn’t-this-be-saved-for-a-gameshow-snack is affordable. You can win a dare with your friends for the low price of $4. false

Even with that reasonable pricing, we’re not exactly throwing our hot dog and peanuts to the ground to make room for this new option. It seems we’re not alone in this hesitancy. People took to twitter to voice their “eagerness” for this new “treat.”

Some people were all for it. false

Some people were against it.

And some people had to use gifs to express their review.


Who knows how “in demand” this snack will be. Maybe this will be the new hit ballpark treat, and by the end of the summer we’ll all be singing, “Buy me some peanuts and chile-lime seasoned grasshoppers…”