The new Marina and The Diamonds song is everything!

It’s hard to pinpoint precisely when we fell in love with Marina and The Diamonds. It could have been when she critiqued the fame mongering culture of America in her 2009 hit “Hollywood.” Or maybe it was when she appeared in head-to-toe glittery black body paint in the “I Am Not A Robot” video. One thing is for certain, it’s hard to come across a pop star more lovable than Marina Diamandis. C’mon, even her birth name is incredible (that’s literally her birth name, Marina Diamandis).

With her forthcoming album, FROOT, well underway, we’ve already been treated to a delicious slew of songs like “I’m A Ruin,” “Happy” and “Immortal,” but it looks like we’re gonna have to make room for one more! We’re counting our lucky stars because today, Marina and The Diamonds released her latest, “Forget.”

True to Marina style, her booming, husky voice is the star of the otherwise dance-y track. “Forget” carefully balances upbeat, pop elements with beautifully mellow moments that are fit to make your heart stop. And, as expected, Marina always has a few nuggets of wisdom embedded in her lyrics. The coming-of-age song speaks to precious time wasted on thinking about the unchangeable past (a little something we can all relate to): “Oh, all the time that I have wasted/ Chasing rabbits down a hole/ When I was born to be the tortoise/ I was born to walk alone.

Oh Marina, how are you so skilled at speaking to our souls?

FROOT is due out on April 6th. In the meantime, let’s give “Forget” a listen: