We are obsessing over Marilyn Monroe in these rare and never-before-seen photos

Everyone knows that Marilyn is a timeless beauty —inside and out. From her unstoppable energy, spirit, and complexity, to her love of learning and literature, she continues to fascinate and charm audiences around the world long after her untimely passing.  Her legacy deepens as more is learned about her, her life, and her personality. She will always be a true American treasure and an emblem of old Hollywood glamour. And now we have even more images to revel in.

The candid and pre-stardom images released by Limited Runs in partnership with Messenger Art Collection (the owner of these amazing color separations) capture that untamed Marilyn flare and her vibrancy. We are absolutely obsessed.

Not only are we super excited to share them with you, but we are even more excited for the travelling pop-up gallery put on by Limited Runs, an online vintage poster and art retailer. The gallery tour will include five cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, and finally, New York beginning now and lasting until September 26th. At the end of this dream tour, these images will be put up for sale in what we’d expect to be a very interesting auction.

Take a look at some of the shots, and prepare to swoon!

In this photo, Marilyn is laughing in only a way Marilyn could laugh. And that akimbo pose! Those earrings! Limited Runs informs us that this photo was taken during a cigarette break when filming There’s No Business Like Show Business.

Did you know Marilyn Monroe could be goofy? Now you know.

This was taken during the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes filming.

The pop-up gallery should be a real treat and an intimate glimpse into the fun, zany side of Marilyn everyone wants to know even more about. Let’s hope this pop-up gallery trend catches on, it sounds like such a fun way to spend a day and a great way to disseminate important pieces of art and photography. Definitely check out the event schedule, maybe you’ll get a chance to see these priceless images up close and personal!

(All images via Limited Run)