How to do a Marie Antoinette costume for Halloween and finally look like the queen you are

There’s really no questioning why doing a Marie Antoinette costume for Halloween is a perennial go-to. She is, after all, one of the most famous women in history, and her life was seemingly a pretty wild ride. Originally from Vienna, Austria, she married the future king of France, Louis XVI, when she was 15 years old. Before long, the couple basically embodied all the over-indulgences and life of excess that you would imagine royals enjoy… except they were living super well while the rest of the country was basically starving. (Remember the “let them eat cake,” line? Yeah, this is where that is from.) The French Revolution broke out and Louis XVI was executed, with Marie Antoinette facing the guillotine shortly thereafter.

SO, she had a pretty complicated and intense life, full of ups and downs. As we all know, dressing up as someone from the 1700s is no small feat, but her looks were so glamorous it’s definitely worth the effort. We pulled some of our favorite YouTube tutorials to help you get started!

Marie Antoinette Classic Makeup

Want to go for the classic Marie Antoinette look? Start here.

Zombie Marie Antoinette Makeup Tutorial

Who doesn’t like to merge classic, gorgeous periods of history with blood sucking zombies?

Marie Antoinette Costume Party Tutorial

Want to go for a really clean, chic look that is appropriate for a high-end Halloween party? Definitely check this tutorial out first!

Haunted Marie Antoinette Tutorial

This look is a nice mix of classic and Halloween-y, leaving you looking both unsettling and glamorous. And who isn’t aiming for that?

“Dead or Alive” Marie Antoinette Tutorial

This look is super cool because it involves some knowledge of history — Marie Antoinette ultimately faced the guillotine, so the bloody neck makeup makes a lot of (sad) sense! This look is a nice in-between if you don’t want to go full zombie-gore, but you want something a little spooky.

Happy Halloween, everybody! And let them eat cake — or candy!

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