We’re so ready for Mariah Carey’s reality TV show

As fans of Mariah Carey know, the singer can work it in front of a camera, as well as pretty much everywhere else. Even the regular, everyday aspects of her life are heightened and glamorized, which is why we’re so excited to get an even closer look at it all in her new reality TV show. Yeah, you read that right: Mariah Carey is getting a reality show.

According to US Weekly, the show is slated to be a 5-part docu-series that follows the drama of life during her Las Vegas residency at Ceaser’s Palace, called Mariah #1 to Infinity. The songstress hopes to title the reality TV show Mariah’s Squad and use it as a chance to introduce viewers to her family, friends, and crew. “Mariah’s excited to show some personal family moments,” their source explains. “It’ll definitely show another side to her.”

We’re hoping Mariah Carey’s reality show is just as glorious as her appearance on MTV’s CribsShe did a whole bunch of amazingly hilarious things that proved she’s the ultimate diva, like taking a bath on camera, lounging on a sofa in the middle of a kitchen, and showing the camera around her closet, which is made up of multiple rooms. (Of course it is.)

That was some time ago, and we can only imagine her life has gotten even more glam. With her amazing taste for decorating and awesome sense of humor, who knows what she’ll get up to this time?


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