Mariah Carey would probably be obsessed with ​t​his boozy new shampoo

After fixing our gaze in both awe and longing on the newest champagne-inspired shampoo, we are thoroughly convinced that Mariah Carey would be in LOVE with the possibility of lathering up champagne waterfalls in her hair, which is a healthier obsession than battling Eminem. Although we are suckers for a solid rap battle between the angry trailer-park rap icon and the moneyed star of Mariah’s World.

Anyways, we’ve (understandably) digressed into the rabbit hole of Mariah Carey references. The point at hand is that there is now a booze-filled beauty product out there that will enable you to take real champagne showers, like the gaudy and ridiculous human diamond that you are!

The brand Cuvee Beauty has gifted the world with a line of champagne extract-infused shampoos, conditioners, and hairsprays so your hair can officially be as intoxicated AND intoxicating as you.

The lush hair care formulas from Cuvee Beauty include Champagne Extracts (which offers shine enhancing antioxidant properties), White Truffle Extracts (for moisture), and Platinum Extracts (to detoxify your scalp).

We can already envision Mariah ordering an assistant to lather her up with this boozy shampoo.

You can check out the line of products directly on the Cuvee Beauty website for yourself!

via giphyNow you can channel the boozy and shiny-haired conviction of Mariah Carey herself!

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