Mariah Carey wore super high heels and fishnets to the gym, and whatever works, girl

Finding the right workout attire can be tricky, because you want to be comfortable, and you also kinda want to look decent, but you’re also gonna be sweating up a storm so what does it matter? Ugh, dilemma.

Well, Mariah Carey works out in fishnets and stilettos apparently…so clearly we don’t know anything about anything.

Okay, well maybe she doesn’t actually work out in heels on the regs. But she did snap a bunch of photos of herself at the gym in stilettos, so she’s at least been to a gym in heels (which is more than we can say for ourselves). The weird thing is, she somehow looks really relaxed and appropriately dressed for the setting. But it’s probably because she’s Mariah Carey and looks good everywhere. Let’s take a look:

“We must!”

Now let’s see her shuffle those legs.

Damn, giiiiiirl. Confident to boot! And um, we love those stiletto booties. Maybe not for working out, but…maybe?

"climb every mountain."

Okay, we’re sold, Mariah. Whatever works! And if you’re looking for clothes to work out in that aren’t fishnets and stilettos (um, understandable), there are plenty of items to help motivate you to hit the gym or the running track. Being comfortable is really the number one priority when exercising, because if you’re not — the workout will suffer.


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