Mariah Carey just made herself a meme, and she’s the queen we don’t deserve

Trying to stay caught up on memes in 2018 can feel like an Olympic sport. Memes are funny and relatable, but they can also make you feel extremely old if you don’t understand the reference. Regardless, overall, most of us can agree that memes are one of the best parts about the internet — especially when a celebrity gets in on them. Bonus points when that celebrity is Mariah Carey.

Recently, the “if you don’t love me at [blank], then you don’t deserve me at [blank]” meme has truly taken over Twitter. The meme began with K-Pop stars, but it has really taken off to include everyone. The general formula is posting an (objectively) less attractive picture next to a very glamorous one. Hence the “if you don’t love me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” mindset. Basically every celeb has had this meme created about them at this point. But on Sunday, April 8th, Mariah Carey took things to the next level.

Mariah Carey flipped the script and made herself the meme. Because she’s a damn queen.

The first picture, under the “If you don’t love me at my” category, is a still of Carey in the movie Precious. She played Ms. Weiss, Precious’ social worker, who was often makeup-free and less glamorous than the Mariah we’re used to seeing.

Under the “then you don’t deserve me at my” category, Carey posted a pic of her album cover for “‘The Emancipation of Mimi,” where she is a glittery queen in all her glory.

We commend Carey for having the sense of humor to join in on the fun. And tbqh, she looks stellar in both images. Twitter is, of course, loving that Carey joined in on the fun.

Some people had their own Mariah Carey meme suggestions.

Other people just bowed down.


And some were quick to point out that an Oscar-worthy performance is definitely worth loving!

Oh, Mariah Carey. Maybe none of us ever deserve her at her anything.

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