Mariah Carey *Totally* Side-Eyed Ryan Reynolds for His Rendition of “Fantasy” on TikTok

We love to see it!

It all started with Ryan Reynolds sharing a TikTok over the weekend to promote his new movie Free Guy. In the TikTok, he’s lip-syncing to Mariah Carey‘s “Fantasy.” In a plea with fans, he wrote on the video, “Go see Free Guy this weekend so I can stop doing this.” Well guess what, pal? Carey has some thoughts of her own on your video.

The “Fantasy” singer herself dueted Reynolds’ video on August 24th and added in her own part. Carey takes the lead in the beginning of the video (considering Reynolds was “waiting” for his part in his video), but when Reynolds jumps in, Carey can’t help her side-eye.

There are a lot of things we want to point out with Carey’s video. First of all, does this superstar have a wind machine in her home at the ready? Because her hair is gently blowing in the wind while she performs, which is honestly what we’d expect from her.

Secondly, her joking caption is too good. She wrote, “That wasn’t part of the plan!” Reynolds is obviously known for his humor, but we’re so into Carey poking fun at the whole situation and showing off her own humor.

Also, that side-eye! Okay! Listen, even though we know it’s a joke, we imagine how much it stings (if even a little) to have queen Mariah side-eyeing you. But also to even get a side-eye from Mariah is goals, so.

Anyway, it seems like it was a good choice on Reynolds’ part to include “Fantasy” in Free Guy and then use it for promo on TikTok. The social media platform can make anything happen—including Mariah herself shading your performance skills. We love to see it!

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