This is why Mariah Carey refuses to use the word “birthday”

Given that Mariah Carey is a living legend who can do whatever she so pleases, she has a very specific and deliberate way of talking about birthdays. Carey celebrated turning 47 with boyfriend Brian Tanaka — but she has opted to call it her “anniversary” instead of her “birthday.”

Her reasoning? She prefers to celebrate the day she came into the world, as opposed to celebrating getting older. It’s a small, but distinct difference.

Personally, we think getting older is a beautiful, pride-worthy thing, but we also know that aging comes with so very many pressures and societal expectations — especially if you’re a woman, and especially if you’re a woman in the public eye. Agism is oh-so-very real. So on this we say, you do you, Mariah.

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So happy anniversary, lady!

It’s also super special that she’s celebrating her special day with Tanaka, because anniversaries are inherently romantic — and their recent Instagram photos show them relaxing at a seaside resort. What could be more romantic than that?


via giphyAnd even though Carey was celebrating her anniversary and not her birthday, there were still presents and big red ribbons! Look at that birthday girl glow…yup, those are some huuuuge gift boxes.

We love the positive vibes surrounding Carey right now, and it seems like she really got the most out of the festivities and is super grateful for all she has.

Also, let’s just take a moment to fully absorb the cuteness that is Carey and her BF.

Tanaka’s “anniversary” is coming up on April 11th, and we’re sure they’ll also be making the most of it. With more outdoorsy adventures and chill experiences, perhaps? If so, can’t wait.

Until then, Mariah!

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