Mariah Carey’s new show looks like it might be the best reality TV show of all time

We all know that Mariah Carey is one of the most glamorous people on the planet. It’s a fact that whenever Mariah walks into a room, full stage lighting just appears out of no where and it’s all perfectly placed for her angles. Also, diamonds just magic out of thin air and, like in Cinderella, start to drape themselves all over her while birds sing and puppies play.

Okay, that might not be true, but we do know that Mariah isn’t afraid to ooze glamour.

One of our favorite things about Mariah is her, well, Mariahisms. Like her, we’re also thinking about relinquishing our birthdays so that we don’t age. Similarly, the diva (and she is a diva) knows how to have a gorgeous vacation.  We mean, who else would start singing to some birds?

The singer is also a great mom to her two beautiful children, Morrocon and Monroe, who are just so precious, and lovingly nicknamed “Dem babies.”

Mariah is giving us peak into her “Mimi’s World” with a fly-on-the-wall reality show on E! and there’s now a brand new trailer for it.

We’re not gonna lie, Mariah’s World looks like a HOOT.

We’re CRYING with laughter at that scene where she’s lying on the couch talking about her outfit! It’s so Mariah!

Seriously though, doesn’t Mariah’s World just look like the it could be the best reality show of all time? It looks like she’s having a blast, and that’s always amazing.

Unfortunately we’ve got a bit of a wait until the legendary Diva graces our screens, as the show isn’t due to air until 4 December (yep, we’ve got four whole months to wait). I guess we’ll just have to fully immerse ourselves her discography until that day comes…

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