This is not a drill — Mariah Carey just wrote you a new Christmas song

We repeat. This is not a drill.

The best part of Christmas (aside from the time off of work, the gifts, the food, the family, blah, blah, blah) is the music. Radio stations in every city throughout the country (and the world?) turn into Christmas music stations for the entire month of December — and a few straggler post-Thanksgiving days in November. Christmas music is important. It sets the mood for decorating the tree, holiday parties and just holiday things in general. Without it, Christmas would still probably be festive, but way less fun.

Christmas music is its own genre. And it’s probably safe to assume that most people consider Mariah Carey to be the CEO of that genre. She is, after all, responsible for one of the most famous Christmas songs ever.

So it only makes sense that we’re obsessing over Carey’s brand new Christmas song. Yep. She has a NEW SONG!!!

While performing at the Beacon Theater in NYC, Carey gave everyone an early Christmas gift when she improvised an entirely new Christmas song. Carey free-styled a song about New York and all things Christmas, because Christmas miracles are real.

Carey wasn’t too impressed with her free-style skills, but she obviously doesn’t realize that when Mariah Carey sings about Christmas, the world listens.

Here’s the song. Merry Christmas too all, and to all a Mariah Carey.

(Featured image via YouTube)

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