OK, Mariah Carey officially has the best match.com dating profile

Well pack up your proverbial online dating bags, everyone, because Mariah Carey just outdid us big time.

That’s right: Mariah is on fiyah (what, you don’t remember her hit song “Honey”?) in her profile on match.com and there’s no way any of us are gonna top it. The songstress joined the dating site after her split with husband Nick Cannon last year, and now she’s looking for love in the way that most of us do: On the internet. Believe it.

This week she decided to debut the video for her new single, “Infinity” on her dating profile. The music video itself features her scrolling through online dating profiles, so let’s just go ahead and give her the award for “meta moment of the week.”

Her profile includes a lot of the usual suspects…age, work, relationship status, but it also includes lyrics to “Infinity:”

“I need a lover to give me/ The kind of love/ That will last always/ I need somebody uplifting/ To take me away/ I want a lover who knows me/ Who understands how I feel inside/ Someone to comfort and hold me/ Through the long lonely nights/ ‘Till the dawn/ Why don’t you take me away.”

So, men of match.com, now’s your chance to take Mariah Carey away. What is she looking for? According to the video, a man between the age of 20 and 120 within 50 miles of New York City. And tall: Carey’s looking for a dude who’s at least 6 feet. (Though who knows, she might reconsider if you’re just that fly.)

“I hope every woman who is single and listens to this song goes out and finds her infinity,” Mariah told Us Weekly. “Whether on Match or the traditional way.”

But here’s the thing: On our Match profile, Tyson Beckford doesn’t usually come up as an option. Um, how can we fix that?

We think it’s awesome that Mariah’s getting back out there. And for the rest of us, here’s her new single, so we can plot our own versions of dating profile mastery.

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