Mariah Carey tweeted that “linner” is the new brunch, and her lambs agree

Queen Mimi has spoken, and we hope you’re listening. Mariah Carey just declared that brunch is officially over. That’s right. Mariah Carey, New Year’s Eve performer extraordinaire, who has proven that her existence is on a higher plane through her ability to sit on an invisible stool, decided that brunch is done. Luckily, she has suggested a fun alternative: linner, as in “late dinner.”

On the morning of Saturday, January 6th, Carey tweeted about a situation where a friend asked her to go to brunch. Carey shrugged off the invite with the hashtag #linneristhenewbrunch. And she may be onto something.

We’ve definitely been in a place where “brunch” is a mere time suggestion. Sometimes those bottomless mimosas stretch well past the 4 p.m. mark anyway. So what’s a few more hours? You’ll never accidentally sleep through linner. And you probably won’t be as tempted to get champagne drunk on a Sunday night as you would during Sunday brunch. New year new me, and all that. Plus, eating late at night is fun (even if it isn’t so great for digestion).

So, you heard it here: According to Mariah Carey, brunch is dead, and linner lives.

Her fans, who Carey calls lambs, are already on board with the idea.


The lambs have a lot to be grateful for so far this year.

Carey is still fresh off another memorable New Year’s Eve performance. During the show, she demanded hot tea, saying, “They told me there would be tea. Oh! It’s a disaster!” And that’s how, thanks to the frigid New York City temperatures, Carey became the first meme of 2018.

All signs point to Mariah Carey leaning into her influencer status in 2018. We’re ready to hear even more inventive life tips, Mimi.

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