Mariah Carey fans are rallying behind Taylor Swift’s new single for this intriguing reason

You might have heard by now that Taylor Swift just dropped a new single. Called “Look What You Made Me Do,” the song is set to appear on her brand new album, Reputation. The song itself seems to be about revenge, which is pretty interesting. In fact, her lyrics claim that she’s not the same girl that she used to be.

While Swift fans are quite happy about the release (since Swift seemed to go on a bit of a hiatus) Mariah Carey fans are overjoyed. Sure, many people dig both artists — but Carey’s admirers think that “Look What You Made Me Do” might, well, save Carey. Here’s why.

Back in 1996, Carey released the hit song “One Sweet Day” with Boyz II Men. The song was so popular that it spent 16 weeks hanging out on the Billboard Music charts.

How remarkable is that? Pretty darn remarkable. In fact, there hasn’t been a song to beat that record…yet.

You might be familiar with a little song called “Despacito,” otherwise known as “the song of the summer.” Luis Fonsi’s hit is super close to shattering Carey’s record, and Carey’s fans aren’t too happy about it.

So, that’s why they’re rallying behind Taylor Swift’s latest jam. If the song turns into a surefire hit, as many of her songs in the past have been, it’ll temporarily save Carey’s title.

Honestly, while we dig all of the songs involved, we’re kind of rallying behind Carey. It’s pretty incredible to keep a record for 21 years. Plus, just listening to “One Sweet Day” is giving us some crazy flashbacks.

As for Swift, her new album will drop on November 10th.

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