We can’t get enough of Mariah Carey in this “Empire” teaser

Get excited Empire fans! Not only is season 3 of the FOX hit less than a month away, but also the teaser trailer is out and has just revealed quick peaks at Mariah Carey and her new character!


Songwriting goddess Carey of course fits into the Empire universe seamlessly as her own fabulous self, but will be portraying a character ‘Kitty’, who is (surprise surprise) a mega superstar.

It was recently confirmed that Carey’s character Kitty will collaborate with Jamal on an exciting new song, and help him get past personal strife and make a breakthrough with his music when they hit some snags in the road.

We don’t know a ton about Kitty as a character yet, but if she has even an ounce of Mariah Carey and her diva presence, we are all there. Rumors are also flying that she might go toe-to-toe with the show’s resident diva matriarch, Cookie, but so far that is only conjecture.


To add to our season 3 excitement executive producer Ilene Chaiken has confirmed that Best Man Holiday star Taye Diggs is also going to join the cast as a love interest for the incomparable Cookie (although he doesn’t pop up in the trailer).

You can check out Carey’s appearances in the trailer at :22 and :36, but we honestly just recommend you sit down and watch the whole thing, because it is all pretty amazing. And check out Empire, coming back to FOX Wednesday the 21st, at 9/8c, and Carey’s episode on October 5th!


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