I think we can all agree that a Mariah Carey Christmas movie is a brilliant idea

Christmas has come SUPER early this year. The best thing about this early present is that it’ll come to life AT Christmas time, so already we’re filled with Christmas cheer. According to Deadline, there’s a Mariah Carey Christmas movie coming our way. TBH, all I’ve ever wanted for Christmas is a Mariah Carey Christmas movie, so thank you so much, Santa.

Actually, we should be thanking RatPac Entertainment and writer/director Brett Ratner, because they’re the people who are going to make this dream come true. Mariah loves Christmas (then again, don’t we all??) and had an idea for a Yuletide movie. She brought the idea to RatPac, they liked it, and now the greater plan is for Mariah to actually have a role in the movie. If she’ll be the star of it remains to be seen, but either way, she’s going to be involved somehow.

There’s no plot tease for the movie, other than CHRISTMAS! But, according to Deadline it’s going to have a “theme of how the power of music can transport you back in time to your truest and most authentic feelings.”

The movie’s soundtrack will also include not only Mariah songs (obvs) but other artists singing their Christmas faves, too. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Ratner reassured us that, “It will be everything you hope a Christmas movie with Mariah Carey would be.”

Also, really sorry if you’ve now got “All I Want For Christmas Is You” stuck in your head. Never too early to start singing it.

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