Mariah Carey celebrated Valentine’s Day in a hot tub, as nature intended

So, we can probably all agree that hot tubs are awesome, and for that reason they tend to be hugely popular on Valentine’s Day. Because what’s better than being with your beloved…in a freaking awesome tub? Yeah, that’s right. Basically nothing.

We heard that Mariah Carey shared a sexy Valentine’s Day snap in a hot tub with her dancer BF Bryan Tanaka, and the two look very cozy.

Carey wears a black, strapless bikini while Tanaka flexes his muscles (you know, as ya do when you’re half naked and someone points a camera at you). They’re each holding champagne flutes, and seem to be having a genuinely nice, low-key time together.

Awwww, that looks like bliss. Look at that glow on her face! And we dig the bronze and orange theme (major ’70s vibes, anyone)? Love is definitely in the air!

via giphyKnowing we’d be craving more, Carey went even further by posting a snap of just her in the bath. There’s no water in it…just a whole lot of sparkles and balloons. Oh, and she’s wearing spiky bra, because of course she is.

Yup, Valentine’s Day was big this year!

We love that Carey isn’t afraid to make big and bold statements whenever she feels like it, because self-expression is incredibly important and it helps remind us that we should never apologize about being who we are.

And it looks like she’s really happy with Tanaka, which makes us happy. The fact that they get to work together on stage is an added bonus!

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day to you, Mariah. We’re sure that you’re going to smash 2017 with all you’ve got.

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