Mariah Carey bowled in high heels, as if you expected her not to

The verdict’s in: There is officially nothing Mimi can do without looking fabulous in the process. Seriously, she just cannot help herself, and we adore her for it. However, we will not attempt to mimic her latest feat because, well, it’s self-explanatory: Mariah Carey went bowling in high heels, and as far as we know, she sauntered away with all of her limbs intact.

Of all the incredibly glam-tastic diva moments Carey is known for, this stunt one has to be the most impressive, even more than the time she wore heels and fishnets to the gym. #extra

Just as we marveled over her unique choice of workout gear for longer than was healthy, it will be some time before we’re able to fully come to terms with Carey’s ability to bowl in heels.

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Because you have to see it to believe it, here’s the “I Don’t” singer enjoying a fun family night at the bowling alley with her adorable 6-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan. Note the absence of bowling shoes.

"Having fun with #DemBabies in New York City!!! ❤️N❤️Y❤️C❤️ #Hometown #DemKids #DontBreakYourNailsWhileBowling ," Carey captioned the photo.

Um, nails?! Mariah, gworl — we’re more concerned about your ankles.

Okay, fine. We stand (in flats, mind you) corrected, never to underestimate the grand diva herself ever again in life.

Clearly, Mimi’s a pro at this wear-heels-everywhere lifestyle, and we can only bear witness, applaud her bravery and balancing skills while stuffing our feet into a pair of rented bowling shoes.

Keep killin’ it, Mariah!

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