Mariah Carey blessed us mere mortals with a peek inside her legendary closet

If you’ve ever wondered what Mariah Carey’s closet looks like, your dream has come true because Vogue had the chance to tour the wardrobe of the Great Mimi herself. For those of us who have had Mariah’s 2002 MTV Cribs episode etched into our memories since it first aired, this intimate tour is a truly delicious follow-up.

With champagne glass in hand (embossed with the initials “MC”), Mariah walks us through her massive closet that has couture gowns and designer handbags displayed in every corner. And then there are the shoes.

While we’ve seen Mariah’s impressive shoe collection before, the self-confessed shoe fanatic pulled a wild card in the form of Adidas slides, saying that they were all she could wear while she was pregnant. (Hmm, on that note, Rihanna’s furry Fenty slides would probably be good for pregnant ladies, too.)

In the iconic Cribs episode, Mariah walked around in a robe and slip, eventually relaxing into a bathtub.

While she didn’t get into a tub this time around, she did praise the #lingerielife, saying:

“If I had my way, I’d just wear lingerie and walk around the house.


Mariah has an admiration for old Hollywood glam, proven by the several Marilyn Monroe artifacts in her possession — such as Monroe’s childhood piano and a gold compact and handwritten speech the actress used during the 1961 Golden Globes Awards. According to Christie’s, the artifact is valued at upwards of $34,000.

“I’m not as casual as most people, but I guess I could be,” Mariah says in the clip. We hope you never would, Mariah.

Watch the whole clip below.

This just makes us cross our fingers even more for a second season of Mariah’s World. Please, please make it happen.

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