Mariah Carey wore a daring black “naked” dress held together by only a few crystals

We all know that Mariah Carey is a queen when it comes to fashion and loving her body. This weekend, Mariah Carey wore a daring black leather dress held together with just a few crystals to a date with her BF, Bryan Tanaka — a look only Mariah could pull off, with no wardrobe malfunctions to boot. That is no easy feat.

But this dress has seen other events.

Carey wore the dress out last May to a party at West Hollywood’s Catch, with her hair down and similar black high heels. Hey, when you have a *perfect* naked dress, why not wear it as much as possible?

We’re kind of obsessed with the fact that Carey, the diva of all divas, would repeat such a statement outfit. Stars, they’re just like us, right? Luckily, she had Tanaka with her to help her down the stairs, because that dress looks downright impossible to move around in. Remember, this is the woman who once claimed, “I don’t do stairs.”

Here she is in back in May in the killer leather dress with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon.

And this weekend on a date night.

Mariah, always on fire.

She and Tanaka seem to be going strong these days. The couple has had a long on-and-off romance, which began in 2006 when he was a dancer on her tour.  They’ve always been friends, but after she split with James Packer last year, Carey confirmed that she and Tanaka were officially dating, although throughout the past months, their relationship seems to have had its hot and cold moments, depending on what tabloid you read. But judging from that hot dress and helping hand, Carey and Tanaka are definitely ON.

Keeping it quiet is part of Carey’s strategy this time around. She told the Associated Press, “I’m just going to be like ‘I really don’t talk about my personal life.’ Because that’s what I used to do and it really worked for a minute, back, a while ago. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my personal life…Me and my boyfriend don’t want to do that.”

Fair enough. As long as we get to see what she wears on date nights now and again, we’re okay with silence.

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