Margot Robbie’s sunglasses are like the real-life heart eyes emoji

When we think about Margot Robbie, we low-key become the ~heart eyes emoji~. If you don’t have a crush on Robbie, then you’re truly missing out. Besides just loving her, we love her laid-back vibes and always fearless fashion.

Her latest sartorial choice is a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses that have her looking exactly like the our most-used emoji.

Feast your eyes on these hearts:


This Instagram post had a greater purpose than just showing off the sunnies. Australia is still fighting for marriage equality. Australian citizens are currently registering to vote on whether same-sex marriage is legal, and Robbie is urging you to vote in favor of marriage equality.

She captioned the post:

"LOVE IS LOVE 👬👭👫 any Aussies living overseas like me, register to vote here...before August 24. #marriageequality."

Australian citizens will vote by mail in September on whether or not to make marriage an inclusive institution. Then, based on the results of the “postal vote,” federal politicians will vote on whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage.

This is an important cause for the actress, who has been vocal for years about the fact that same-sex marriage is still illegal in Australia.

When she hosted Saturday Night Live nearly a year ago, she wore this shirt.

Even though Robbie is living here in the states, we applaud her commitment to activism in her home country. In this year especially, social activism is needed always and everywhere.

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