Margot Robbie’s striped dress is an optical illusion, and no, we can’t stop looking

Margot Robbie is currently doing press for her new movie Goodbye Christopher Robin, and can we just say that her latest outfit is legit an optical illusion.

In a recent Insta post, Robbie shared this photo of her striped blue and red dress from four different angles, and it’s a beautifully dizzying sight.

Robbie’s movie Goodbye Christopher Robin follows the story of the actual Christopher Robin and the toys that inspired his dad to write books like Winnie-the-Pooh. Robbie plays Christopher Robin’s mom.

Even though the film is a period piece, her red carpet style is thoroughly modern.

The dress totally reminds us of those optical illusion posters from the ’90s, also known as Magic Eye posters.


Remember these? You would stare at it up close and then as you gradually backed away, a dinosaur or a dolphin would emerge in the center of the photo. Random, but all we can think of when we look at Robbie’s gown.

Robbie later changed into something much more whimsical for the actual premiere of the film.



Margot rocked wet hair with both outfits. Also, how do you style the ~wet hair look~ and NOT look like you just hopped out of the shower? We don’t understand how she looks absolutely radiant with a head of wet hair.

We love how every look that Robbie serves up is completely different in style and shape from the one before it. Keep on slaying the sartorial game, multifaceted fashion kween.

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