Margot Robbie looks like a jungle goddess in this roaring tiger dress

This past week, Margot Robbie has been embracing her wild side (to possibly pay homage to Harley Quinn, her Suicide Squad character?). With the power of fashion on her side, the versatile actress has caught our attention not once, but twice over the course of the past three days. On Monday, she rocked a red carpet unicorn dress and, earlier today, she amazed us in a dress that can simply be described as jungle-tastic.

We’d like to officially place a leaf-covered crown on Margot’s head and call her Queen of the Jungle:


There’s so much to love about this look: the flowers blossoming from her dress’ hem, the glittery dragonflies, the straps covered in leaves and flowers. However, our absolute favorite part of this ensemble is (of course) the roaring tiger that’s resting upon Margot’s chest.

Thanks to her tiger friend, it literally looks like Margot is unleashing her inner fierceness:


And Robbie’s loose braid only adds to the look, making it seem as though she quickly tied her hair back so she could spend the day swinging on some vines:


Instead of playing Tarzan’s Jane, maybe Margot should have taken on the role of Tarzan instead? Because she could totally rule a jungle.

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