Margot Robbie teaches us Australian slang, just because

Margot Robbie is not only incredibly talented, but she’s super relatable. You just want to sit back with her, chill, and toss back a few glasses of wine. Thankfully, Vanity Fair has given us with the next best thing.

In a four-minute video, you can watch the star of Suicide Squad explain 50 different Australian slang terms in her own words. She’s perched on a comfy chair, with her hair naturally falling around her shoulders, and you can’t help but think you’re right there with her, experiencing her adorable sense of humor firsthand.


She flips through some of the most popular Aussie words, like “ute,” which just means pickup truck, “bottle-o,” a liquor store, and “barbie,” which is a barbecue. Then there are the weirder phrases, like “Fair Dinkum,” which stands in for “Really?” or “Wow.”


She explains that “thong” doesn’t mean G-string like it does in the States. Rather, it’s your flip-flops. And “sheila” is our equivalent of “lady” or “woman.” She uses “ripper” in this context: “It was a ripper of a party!” or “He’s a ripper of a bloke.”


Arguably, the best moments of the video are the ones where she actually has no clue what the phrase means, like “dogs eye.” I mean, look at her face. She’s the best.


Having lived on and off in Australia for the last few years (my partner is Australian), I watched this video and immediately wished I had had her by my side to explain all this when I first arrived in the country. Well, at least now you know! Time to book a ticket to Australia, mate!

Watch the video here:

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