Margot Robbie showed off her tattoo artist skills by tattooing a fan on TV

Margot Robbie stopped by The Graham Norton Show in preparation for her new movie I, Tonya. And this was not your ordinary talk show appearance. Because Margot Robbie gave a fan a tattoo…on television.

She happened to be on the same celebrity interview panel as Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, and Reese Witherspoon. Talk about star-studded! But Margot was not intimidated by the star wattage of her guests and was game to tattoo any of them. Yes, that’s right, give them a tattoo…on television..right then. No surprise, really, since Margot Robbie is known for her outspokenness and her fierce confidence. It’s been reported that Margot has given many of her costars tattoos, and she confirmed it here. It all began on the set of Suicide Squad, where she tattooed costar Cara Delevingne.

So, how many tattoos is she up to now?

"Probably close to 100 now. Little ones, little ones and honestly, I'm probably getting worse as I go along."

This anecdote did not inspire confidence in Harrison Ford, who pretended to consider the offer. Go ahead, watch it, it’s pretty great.

Graham Norton asks Harrison if he’s “genuinely thinking about this,” to which Harrison Ford replies with a swift, “No!” Margot Robbie’s reaction is great when she says, “I thought you were!” and Mr. Ford deadpans, “That’s acting.” Then Norton revealed that he has a crew member who’s a fan of Robbie and is up for a tattoo.

Before the crew member came out to get tatted by Margot, everyone asked Reese Witherspoon if she had a tattoo.

When asked where it was located, she answered, "I went to college in the nineties. Can we just leave it there?"

The crew member appeared, and Robbie inspired much more confidence in her abilities with comments like, “You don’t have to do this,” and “I actually haven’t done one in a while.” The best was when she tried to reassure the fan with, “I’m probably more nervous than you are.”

It’s hilarious all the way through, especially when Harrison Ford reaches over to give the guy his water. And the end result is actually super cute! We’d let Margot Robbie tattoo us. Or at least we’d think about it!