Today in YAS AMAZING: Margot Robbie wore a unicorn dress to the “Suicide Squad” premiere

Over the past few months, Margot Robbie has quickly shot to the top of our “LOVE” list, and for the rest of the summer she is going to be absolutely everywhere. The highly anticipated Suicide Squad opens later this week, and for the movie’s premiere, Robbie hit the red carpet wearing a stunning black dress — but it’s not just a regular black dress. It’s a black dress with a GIANT GOLDEN UNICORN ON THE FRONT OF IT. 



Let’s give credit where credit is due: Robbie is here to make unicorn dresses okay for everyone, everyday of the week. And for that, we thank her.

First question, where did she get this dress, and does it come in all the sizes in the world? Please say yes, because this is the only dress we want to wear for the rest of our lives.



Second question, is this the best dress ever created, yes, or YES?

You haven’t even see the back of the dress yet.


Of course one of the most in-demand and amazing actresses out there can wear whatever the heck she wants, especially when it’s to the premiere of the movie that will undoubtedly make her a household name all around the world. From what we’ve already seen of her performance in Suicide Squad, it’s going to be a role to remember.

This dress is a dress to remember, too. New fall fashion trend: Glittery unicorns on everything. 

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