Margot Robbie has a weird — but genius — use for nipple cream

From Kim Kardashian having her own blood injected into her face, to Snooki using kitty litter to exfoliate, celebrities have been known to go searching beyond “typical” beauty products to find the next best thing. And we can now add another beauty hack to the ever-growing list thanks to this Aussie actress.

She may not be a new mother, but Margot Robbie is a big fan of nipple cream.

If you don’t know, nipple cream falls in the post-pregnacny skincare product category and is used by new moms to prevent the dryness and cracking of nipples during breastfeeding. And it’s for that exact hydrating reason that Margot Robbie now uses nipple cream to moisturize her lips.

In an interview with Elle UK, the 26-year-old actress explained how nipple cream became her go-to lip balm,

“I have a conspiracy theory that lip balms actually have additives in them to dry your lips out so you keep buying them. But because Bepanthen is just a cream for dry skin, it works. It’s what I’ve used my whole life, she said.

Listen, we know it sounds weird, but how can you argue with Margot’s perfect pout?

From there, things only got more interesting (and strange) as the actress revealed her other tried-and-true beauty secrets. Instead of regular make up brushes, she insists toothbrushes are a better option — despite the fact that her husband Tom Ackerley might think she’s a little crazy for it.

“When I put on foundation, I use an eyebrow brush or toothbrush to brush it into my hairline so that it all blends. Especially because I have blonde hair but tanned skin, if I don’t blend it, it looks gross — you can see the foundation in my hair,” Robbie says.

“I do that every single day, and every time my husband [Tom Ackerley] is like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m brushing my make-up into my hairline!’ And he’s like, ‘Girls are crazy.’”

She also says denial might be your best friend when it comes to dieting while still trying to eat the things you enjoy!

“If I eat or drink heaps of dairy, my skin breaks out. I love dairy and I have it all the time but if I’m filming or if my skin is really shit, then I try to cut down and just drink lots of water. But I pretend cheese isn’t dairy because I will never accept that I can’t have it. I love it.

Margot’s beauty hacks may be a little unconventional, but in our opinion, totally worth trying if you’re into experimenting with your routine. Nipple cream, here we come!

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