Margot Robbie can hold her breath for a ridiculously long time, proves she’s really a superhero after all

From her sure-to-be-perfect turn as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad to her refreshing comments on body image and sexism, Margot Robbie already has our hearts.

But somehow, she has gone even further by proving she actually does have one almost-too-real superpower: being able to hold her breath for a crazy amount of time, which she had to learn how to do for the movie.

Warner Bros./Giphy
Warner Bros./Giphy

“I worked with this amazing free diver. He came in and I did four sessions with him,” the Australian actress told Jimmy Fallon on Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show. “It’s all about lowering your metabolic rate — it’s all about conserving oxygen.”

She goes on to relate the experience to “kind of like [meditating] under water” and says it’s what free divers do on a regular basis.

She adds that while the time she can hold her breath underwater is less when she’s performing an action sequence, she can now do it for A FULL FIVE MINUTES (!!!) when she’s at a resting rate.

“You can probably rob a bank somewhere,” Fallon jokes about her newfound skill, referring to maybe an underwater bank? “With your talents and my ideas…”

Warner Bros./Giphy
Warner Bros./Giphy

Robbie shares that she and her stunt double, Ingrid, got a little competitive when it came to the whole breathing-under-water thing.

“She would do a session and she’s like, ‘I made it to three minutes,’ so I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna do another session,’” she says. “I got to five minutes and I was like, ‘This is above and beyond what I thought I’d get to, I’m good. I’m good with five.’”

One problem? Ingrid got to five and a half minutes.

“I was like, ‘I NEED ANOTHER SESSION!’” Robbie exclaims. “And they were like, ‘No one needs to drown over this. We got the scene!’”

Watch the entire hilarious video below and fangirl even more over Margot Robbie (if that’s even possible).

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